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Juhlakakku, hääkakku



  • Vanilla – a delightfully versatile cake flavoured with pure bourbon vanilla that compliments any filling

  • Demerara Vanilla – richer than vanilla, but still just as versatile.  Demerara sugar is used instead of refined sugar.

  • Chocolate – a moist chocolate cake that will delight any chocolate lover

  • Lemon – This tangy, moist cake is flavoured using only pure lemon juice and lemon zest from organic lemons.

  • Strawberry – a wonderfully moist cake in pinkish tones made with real strawberries

  • Chocolate Mud – a rich, moist cake that can be made from your choice of white, milk or plain chocolate, using only top quality Finnish chocolate

  • Carrot – a rich, moist cake with a generous dose of cinnamon which can be made with or without walnuts

  • Chai – a modern, delicate flavour subtly spiced with chai tea.

  • Rich Fruit – a quintessentially English fruit cake traditionally served at Christmas and at weddings. Made from a variety of dried fruits and hazelnuts and generously infused with brandy, this cake must be made at least 8 weeks in advance and will keep for up to 12 months if properly stored.


  • Mousse – flavoured with your choice of berry, fruit, or chocolate. A light, airy filling

  • Buttercream – made with pure butter and flavoured with vanilla, chocolate, fruit/berry puree, or any other flavour. A rich, stable filling that stands up well even on a hot day without fear of spoilage.

  • Chocolate ganache – a wonderful rich, creamy filling made from cream and white, milk or dark chocolate. Highly stable. Can be combined with fresh fruit, nuts, crushed mints or liquors.

  • Cream cheese filling – a lovely, rich, creamy filling that is especially good with carrot cake. Wonderful also when combined with pureed berries or fruit. All of these fillings can be combined with fresh fruit or berries if so desired.

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