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When you order a cake from The Art of Cakes, you are also ordering a work of edible art. Many hours are needed to prepare decorations; some decorations needing several days to create, especially for wedding cakes. Each cake is a unique creation designed specifically for you and as such is priced individually. Minimum order price is €200 for wedding cakes and €80 for all other cakes. As a general guideline, above the minimum charge, cakes are priced at approximately €6,50/serving. Prices include basic decorations including simple flowers and one figure/one large flower if desired.

Please note that for wedding cakes orders must be made at least one month in advance. If you are planning a summer wedding I recommend you place your order as early as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet what type of cake you will be needing, there is time later on to design your cake. To save the date a non-refundable deposit of €100 is required. Full payment is required 2 weeks before delivery. For last minute orders, or orders made less than 2 weeks before the date payment is required immediately. I will not start to make your cake until I have received full payment.

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  • Chocolate ganache €0,70/serving as frosting (with or without sugar paste)

  • Chocolate ganache €0,10/serving/layer as filling

  • Large wired flowers €15 ea.

  • Small wired flowers and foliage (“filler”flowers/leaves) €30/cake tier

  • Small human figures €30 ea.

  • Large human figures €75 ea.

  • Small animal figures €10 ea.

  • Large animal figures €50 ea.

  • Carved 3-D cakes start at €200.

  • Minicakes, 7.5cm diameter €10 ea.

  • Cupcakes, inc. small decorations €4 ea.

  • Cupcakes with fondant covering and decorations €6 ea.

  • Cake pops €2 ea

  • Floral bouquets start at €300.

  • Groom’s Boutonniers €30 ea.

  • Hair flowers start at €30, depending on size and complexity